..JCEX réussit l’exploit de livrer une musique directe et dansante, menée par le beat, parfois hypnotique mais toujours catchy.” - Julien Deverre

— Longueur D'ondes

..On a dark dance floor filled with smoke and lasers, any listener would easily abandon all resistance.” - Nicolas Pelletier

— ЯReverb

..Cohen sounds restrained, comfortable and most importantly, like no one else in the Canadian music scene at the moment.” - Daniel Sylvester / Exclaim!” - Danny Sylvester

— Exclaim!

Go Getters is an truly remarkable band effort and a combination of everyone in the band’s input. What Jon Cohen has here is a finely oiled machine” - Owen Maxwell

Cult MTL

His music routinely defies genre, and he doesn’t even have to break any laws, regularly. ” - Adam Deane


..Cohen’s subdued, moody crooning brings back what the alternative music world lost with the passing of Elliott Smith. ” - Natasha Young

— The Link

..Cohen's high, cottony-soft vocals tend toward David Gilmour with occasional hints of Owen Pallett. His lyrics are surreal and insightful.” - Jody McCutcheon

— CHARTattack

..whether he plays it hot or cool, there's a lot of talent on Behold, and only a fraction of it is in the guest list. ” - Jordan Zivitz

— Montreal Gazette

If you dig a smooth, hypnotic, soul-moving beat that allows you to transcend and tip-toe over the daily trials and tribulations of this whole thing we’re living, I would strongly suggest not missing the birth of one of [Cohen’s] babies.” - Adam Deane

— BeatRoute